<原文>SCAPR Board statement on the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

SCAPR, the Societies Council for the Collective Management of Performers Rights, strongly condemns the invasion of Ukraine by Russia which goes against international law and threatens peace and democracy in Europe and beyond.

During this dramatic time, our thoughts go to the citizens of Ukraine and notably our colleagues from ULCRR that are trying to safeguard their lives and those of their families, but also standing against the aggressor.

SCAPR Board would like to thank all individual initiatives made by its members and their employees to help and host Ukrainian people during this terrible time.

SCAPR Board has also decided to provide support and assistance to the refugees through donations to 3 organisations:

– The Polish Humanitarian Action
– The International Committee of the Red Cross

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

SCAPR invites all its members to support these organisations as well as any other ones they consider legitimate in their respective countries.

Being an international federation of Collective Management Organisations, with members from various countries, SCAPR Board has decided to suspend its Russian member with immediate effect. We will discuss their exclusion at our next General Assembly in June 2022. In the meantime, we invite SCAPR members to suspend their activity with them too.

We are resolute in our support for a free and independent Ukraine and condemn unreservedly the attacks and invasion orchestrated by the Putin regime.






The Polish Humanitarian Action(ポーランド人道活動)

 The International Committee of the Red Cross (赤十字国際委員会)

– The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(国連難民高等弁務官事務所)






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